Much Heralded Green Collar/Green Hardhat Job Report Finds That Truck Drivers Can Deliver Organic Produce

A new Center for American Progress (CAP) report finds that in a study of 12 states, there are people that work in jobs that could be “green jobs”.  And collectively, accross the country this is over 14MM people, or nearly 10% of the U.S. work force.  Wow… that’s impressive…. 10% of Americans work in jobs that could be employed in green industries… could be…, hmmmm,… could be….  waaaaait a minute.

That’s right folks – if you were hoping for some good data on green collar labor statistics you have come to the wrong place. CAP just realeased a report that shows how many electiricians there are in Florida as a proxy for the green collar job potential for electricians in Florida (somebody needs to wire up all those solar panels – oh wait, Florida lacks tax subsidies, net metering and has ridiculously low power prices so solar penetration in Florida is negligible (oh the irony Sunshine State) – oh well…)

Did you know if you drive a truck, you too could be part of the green revolution? This silly report takes BLS numbers for certain industries (mostly construction or industrial related), totes them up and then pronounces that all these jobs “could be green” if we had the necessary resources and investment in that sector.

Of course, they all could be employed in the amusement park industry if there were enough resources and investment made in building a giant inter-city roller coaster…

The saddest part – apparently some important people think this is useful information.  The best is from the American Association of Truckers – which notes that if we build more windmills we’ll need trucks to haul construction materials…  So much for my investment in that giant construction materials trebuchet.

This just in! A source within CAP tells me that they have a report coming out that will show that the total potential demand for green power at comparable prices to current power sources is nearly equal to the total demand for power…

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