Basic Posting Rules on Green Street Investor

Green Street Investor encourages blog articles from readers, known as diaries. Please keep topics loosely associated with green/environment and investing issues. Posts that are way off topic may be subject to administrative removal.

Descriptive keyword tags are required to help others find your diary by a keyword search; please separate tags by commas and keep tags short and relevant.

Formatting tag options are displayed at the top of the form – don’t for get to enclose them in “<>s” and close the tag with a “/”… Don’t know what I am talking about?    Read about tags here

When you’re ready, scroll down below the tags and click Preview Diary. The preview will appear above the form – so if your post is long you may need to scroll up. You can edit your diary after it’s published by clicking Edit Diary from your user page or the post.


Upload images in your posts to an image hosting service (such as:,,,,,,,,

Copying and pasting entire copyrighted works is prohibited. If you do quote something, be judicious, and always, always, provide a link to the original source.  Use the “blockquote” tag to highlight quoted material – and don’t for get to close the tag with a slash “/blockquoute” tag.

Thanks for contributing…


Please begin with an informative title as its the primary way readers see your diary on the recent and recommended diary sidebar sections: Unregistered users do not currently have permissions to use this form.