What is Green Investing?

Welcome to Green Street Investor.

Green Street Investor is a forum for discussion of “green” investing, finance and the green economy. So what does that exactly mean? Like most things labeled green today it can cover a pretty wide range of topics – food, cars, building, land and real estate, and of course energy production are just a portion of the industries that are being “greened” – and similar to the early days of Internet – the definition of what qualifies as part of the green industry – or if green should even be its own category is not well defined.

At Green Street Investor we plan to cover all aspects of the green revolution from a financial perspective. Stocks, venture investing, technology trends, government regulations – all things that might impact an investor that is looking to profit from the green revolution.

This means we will be also delving into some old line industries – in so much that green investment trends might impact these companies, or these companies might influence the fortunes of green firms. Like the internet in the 90’s the potential impact of the green trend is broad in its reach – perhaps even broader – providing a fertile ground for ideas, both in established companies adapting to a new environment and new companies bringing emerging technologies to market.

Personally, as a professional investor, I find the green trend to be one of the most fascinating and complex corners of the financial universe. Green industries are impacted heavily by government policy, subsidies, and other externalities such as socially responsible investing – often masking the true underlying value of these firms when compared to other types of investments. This of course creates challenges for investors – but opportunity as well.

Green Street Investor looks to help interested green investors unearth some of those opportunities.

Hello! I am the Chief Editor at greenstreetinvestor.com. Thank you for visiting our pages, where we try to show examples of earnings, investments and methods of trading on exchanges. Financial markets are also accessible in simple terms.

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